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Photo Etched Lapel Pins

Photo Etched Lapel Pins are the most popular lapel pins used for Baseball Trading Pins, Softball Trading Pins and other Sports Trading Pins.

Photo etched lapel pins offer a similar look to cloisonné lapel pins but are less expensive. The photo etched process allows for more detailed designs and a wider spectrum of colors to choose from.

A computer etches your design onto a brass plate. The design is then filled with the colored enamels of your choice. The Photo Etched lapel pins are fired in a kiln to ensure durability and high quality.

Advantages of Photo Etched Lapel Pins:

  • Photo Etched Lapel Pins have a Medium to High perceived value
  • Less expensive than Cloisonne lapel pins
  • PMS color matching available
  • Photo Etched Lapel Pins are Very Durable
  • Custom shapes available
  • Photo Etched Process takes MORE production time than Soft Enamel Process

Photo Etched Lapel Pin Pricing*

50 100 250 500 1000 2500 5000 10000
 $5.00  $3.00  $2.45  $2.05  $1.55  $1.45  $1.35  $1.26
 $5.05  $3.05  $2.50  $2.10  $1.65  $1.55  $1.45  $1.36
 $5.10  $3.10  $2.55  $2.15  $1.75  $1.65  $1.55  $1.46
 $5.15  $3.15  $2.60  $2.20  $1.87  $1.77  $1.67  $1.59
 $5.33  $3.33  $2.78  $2.38  $2.03  $1.93  $1.83  $1.75
 $5.55  $3.55  $3.00  $2.60  $2.19  $2.09  $1.99  $1.90
 $5.78  $3.78  $3.23  $2.83  $2.37  $2.18  $2.08  $2.00
2.25″ +


*Price includes Free Shipping, Free Artwork & Free Setup.

Manufacturing Process

Photo Etched Lapel Pins

  1. An image of your design is transferred from a photographic negative onto the surface of the metal.
  2. Your design is then etched into the brass using an acid-reaction process.
  3. All the acids and other impurities are carefully rinsed off.
  4. The indentations are then filled with the enamel colors. Colors are inserted by hand, one at a time, using different sized syringes.
  5. The sheet of metal is then fired at 450°F for 12 to 15 minutes.
  6. Pins are then cut out of the sheet according to your custom design.
  7. Non-colored (raised) sections of the lapel pins are then plated to a shiny gold or nickle finish.
  8. An optional epoxy protective coating (dome) can then be applied to protect the color enamels from fading or cracking over time.

What are the Advantages of Photo Etched Lapel Pins?

  • Photo etched lapel pins can be made into custom shapes.
  • They have a medium to high perceived value
  • Available with a protective epoxy dome at no additional charge.
  • The process allows us to accurately match pantone colors.

Features and Benefits of Photo Etched lapel pins:

  • An excellent choice for complex or intricate designs.
  • Will have a smooth finish with the metal highly polished
  • Logo and text are clear and easy to read.
  • Cut out shapes to suit your designs.
  • Solid contrast between colors.
  • We offer Pantone color matching. Price includes 7 colors free.
  • All of our lapel pins are individually poly bagged.

Metal Plating Color Choices:

  • High polished gold metal
  • High polished silver metal
  • Polished copper
  • Polished black metal
  • Black nickel